Ionized water has several household uses. Alkaline water can be used for drinking, cooking, washing food (removes oil and dirt) and cleaning. Acidic water can be used for washing food (removes chemicals), washing, bathing, and as an antiseptic.

Reduced Water: Alkaline
  1. Drinking - Alkaline water after exercise is more effective at replenishing the body's electrolyte balance than other waters because of its smaller water molecular cluster. It is more easily absorbed by the body. It also helps combat fatigue and promotes recuperation. ½ a glass an hour before bedtime also is said to improve sleep.
  2. Cooking - Alkaline water allows rice and other grains to absorb water more easily. Food cooks faster because of the smaller water molecules in ionized water. Alkaline water also enhances a natural taste.
  3. Mixing Beverages - Tea, Coffee and others - Alkaline water adds flavor and brings out the best in beverages. Beverages taste smoother and don’t have an acidic taste or tang.
  4. Washing Vegetables - Alkaline water helps you get the maximum taste and flavor from raw vegetables in salads, etc. It removes some of the bitter tastes that some acidic vegetables have.
Oxidized Water: Acidic
Oxidized water with its redox potential of +700 to +800 mV is an oxidizing agent that can withdraw electrons from bacteria and kill them.
  1. Skin-care - Acidic water is a very effective astringent for skin and hair. External use can bring back the smoothness to skin and sheen to hair.
  2. Flowers - Stay fresh longer when soaked placed in diluted acidic water (1:2). Disinfecting and sterilizing - Acidic water kills many types of bacteria. Use it for brushing teeth, removing plaque and fighting gum disease and sore throat. It also helps remove some external fungus and relieves itching.
  3. Cleaning - Acidic water sterilizes work surfaces, cups and dishes. Treat athlete's foot, minor burns, insect bites, scratches, etc.
  4. Healing - Hyperoxidized water has proven effective in Japanese hospitals in the treatment of bedsores and operative wounds with complicated infections.