Product Name : IT-636/ IT-656 (3/5/7/9 Plates) Economic Alkaline Water Machine
Product Description

Product specifications

  • 7 color LCD display with Soft Button Control Panel
  • 7 selectable levels of water pH values
  • 4 Alkaline levels, 1 Pure level and 2 Acidic levels
  • pH, ORP, flow rate and filter life display on LCD
  • Smart design for automatic cleaning after each use of Alkaline water
  • It has a Built-in water filtering system, showing the filter life span in time, to make sure the water quality is safe to use
  • Platinum-titanium electrolysis plate & ion membrane manufactured in Japan
  • Active carbon fiber manufactured in USA: NSF certified
Product Introduction
Standard model (home model)
Electrolysis Plate Material Platinum-titanium plate; manufactured by KOBE Steel, Japan
Q’ty of Electrolysis Plates 3 plates 5/7/9 plates
Voltage AC100V / AC220V, 50/60HZ
Power Consumption Max. 180W Max. 230W
Inlet Water Pressure 0.9~5.0 kg/cm2
Electrolysis Method Continuous electrolysis (built-in flow meter)
Water Flow Rate

Ideal water processing : 2 Liters/min. (based on inlet water pressure 1kgf/cm2)

Water flow rate : 3 Liters/min. (based on inlet water pressure 2kgf/cm2)

Display pH, O.R.P, water flow rate, working status, clean, pure, alkaline, acidity and filter service life
Cleaning 10 second automatic cleansing after each alkaline water use*
manual cleansing option if Alkaline water consumption is below 30 liters
Electrolysis Levels 4 Alkaline levels, 1 Neutral level and 2 Acidic levels
pH Adjustment Each electrolysis level gives 20 segments for pH adjustment(based on source water quality in different areas)
Filter Material Activated carbon fiber (ACF), manufactured in USA
Filter Service Life Approx. 6,000 liters (depends on source water quality)
Safety Protection Device Current protection & Alarm only if drinking Acidic water
Dimension & Weight Dimension : H 310mm x W 220mm x D 125mm(Approx.) Weight : 4.1 kgs
pH Value (based on source water quality) 5~10 4.5~11
O.R.P Value (based on source water quality) -650mv (Max.)

5 Plates: -850mv (Max.)

7 Plates: -900mv (Max.)

9 Plates: -950mv (Max.)