Water Ionizers have the following important features that separate product levels and prices:

  1. User interfaces displays: IONTECH Ionizers vary from units with simple monochrome LCD panels and mylar buttons; to more sophisticated touch panel screens showing various unit functions.
  2. A number of Electrolysis Plates: IONTECH Ionizers may vary with units having 3, 5, 9 or even 11 plates depending on quality and price. More plates mean the pH value can be adjusted through a larger range and the ORP value has a higher attainable range.
  3. Plate, membrane & filter materials: Different manufactures use different grades of materials for these 3 critical components. IONTECH products use Japanese inspected and certified plates and ceramic membranes.
  4. System Settings: IonTech Ionizers have a various system and user settings that are adjustable from the control panel. These include; electrolysis levels, pH adjustment, cleaning, usage monitors and others.
  5. Switching-Mode Power Supply (SMPS), power saving, greater efficiency.